Multiuser Document Management System for electronic and hard copies of your documents. Just get your files organized ...


Archive Management System (AMS) is multiuser web based environment for management of documents and their electronic copies. AMS is suitable for law firms, auditors and accountants, consulting and financial companies, archives and libraries, and any other business or non-commercial organization which needs to maintain large number of documents which are supposed to be reviewed and updated on a regular basis.

Main features:

- each AMS user and usergroup has Unix-like rights and permissions;
- trailing comments, notes and todo list for each document;
- access log and audit trail for each document;
- access log for each user;
- label based search system;
- automatic backup;
- internal messaging system;
- automatic reminders and alerts for each file or group of files;
- cloud ready;
- automatic data encryption.

System requirements:

- POSIX-compliant operating system (almost any distributive of Linux or BSD, Mac OS X and etc);
- Apache2 http server or greater;
- PHP 5.4 or greater.

NEWS 20 May 2015.

First alpha version (ver. 0.0.1) of Archive Management System is released today. Screenshots will be published soon.

14 August 2015.

Second alpha version (ver. 0.0.2) is released.


- lots of bug-fixes;
- new design of "dashboard”;
- improved usability.

We are sorry for such dalay with screenshots and luck of information but we will try to update you more often.


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